Visiting Serbia is wonderful with us

Visiting Serbia tourists will discover the basic characteristic of Serbian tourist offer is diversity, namely a great variety of tourist resources, well preserved environment, the richness and significance of its cultural and historical heritage. Visiting Serbia you will find out Serbian’s warm hospitality and the friendlines of its people

As it is located in the centre of the Balkans Peninsula, Serbia has always been at the crossroads of the west and the east. Therefore, it was always attacked by a lot of invaders who wanted its great position for themselves. In addition, by visiting Serbia you can find out Serbian moderate continental climate is suitable for breeding wide range of different plant species.

Danube River is almost 600 kilometers long through Serbia, which provides connection to distant seas and oceans. We can arange, especially for our clients who determine visiting Serbia, a ride on Danube River and visit our national monuments, significant places for Serbian, Europe’s and world history. Also, along the ride on Danube River and visting Serbia tourists will meet up with our most beautiful National Park, and so much more.

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Visiting Serbia

You can enjoy, visiting Serbia, the agricultural regions of the Pannonian Plain in the north, across the fertile river valleys and orchard-covered hills of Sumadija, the landscape of Serbia continues southward, gradually giving way to mountains rich in canyons, gorges and caves, as well as well-preserved forests.

Many times during its rich, centuries-long history, Serbia has been at the centre of Europe’s and the world’s attention, out of all proportion to its modest size, economic might and number of inhabitants. If your decision would be visiting Serbia, you can find many monuments that points to Serbian turbulent, varied and glory history. Many lessons on bravery, patriotism and the struggle for freedom can be learned wherever you turn in Serbia, as you pass through its cities and regions.

Visiting Serbia tourists can find the cultural and historical heritage of Serbia begins with prehistoric archaeological sites such as Sirmium and Viminacium. It continues to mediaeval churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list such as Studenica monastery, Stari Ras and Sopocani, Medieval Monuments in Kosovo.

All year round, numerous cultural, entertainment, traditional and sporting events are held in Serbia, demonstrating the creative power and spiritual vitality of this country.
All of this you can get known visiting Serbia.

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