Full-day excursion to Resava Valley


Things to see?

  • Monastery Manasija– monastery from the beginning of  15th century, cultural monument of exceptional importance, the endowment of  Great Serbian Despot Stefan Lazarevic
  • Resava Cave– its one of the oldest caves in Serbia. The interior of the cave is rich in numerous halls, chanels, galleries, pillars, stalactites, stalagmites,  draperies and stoned waterfalls
  • Lisine Waterfall– or Great Buk Waterfall is located on a small river Vrelo and together with its spring its under protection of the government as monument of nature
  • Ravanica Monastery– its situated in the foot of Kucajske Mountains and is endowment of emperor


Things to do?

  • Enter the Cave– You will have the chance to see the decorations of the cave that are going to leave you speechless
  • Lunch beside the waterfall -We will enjoy eating the trout that is breed here, relaxed by the sound of the waterfall by our side
  • Special experience– in church of monastery Ravanica relics of emperor Lazar are kept


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