Fruitfull Banat

Full-day excursion to Banat Region in Vojvodina Province   Things to see? Vrsac

Incentive program proposal no 1

Segway tours will allow you to get to know Belgrade whose parks and

Incentive program proposal no 2

Belgrade is Europe`s Capital of Cool, according to the prestigious UK Sunday Times

Incentive program proposal no 3

Not only that we are doing regular DMC work, but above all we

Joining Nature & Architecture

Full-day or half-day excursion to protected nature reserve   Things to see? Carska

King`s Mausoleum

Full-day excursion to Royal Land   Things to see? George Church – church


Full-day or half-day excursion to Macva Region   Things to see? Sremska Mitrovica–

Mighty Danube

Full-day excursion to Djerdap Gorge   Things to see? Lepenski Vir - Archaeological

Monastery tour

Expolore the most beautiful Serbian monasteries. Ones of great importance for European and