Half-day or full-day excursion to Kovacica Village


Things to see?

  • Kovacica – city which is capital of naïve art in Serbia, multi-ethnic city where Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians and others live together
  • Naïve art gallery – disposes with fund of around 800 paints
  • Violin workshop place– hand-made violins by Jan Nemček
  • The memorial complex of Mihajlo Pupin – complex is situated in Idvor town, town there one of the greatest scientists of all times were born


Things to do?

  • Chatting with the painter – visit to the ones naive painter atelier, chatting, coffee and looking the paintings
  • Get to know technique of hand-made – how violins are made, which materials and techniques should be used?
  • Vojvodian lunch– excellent domestic specialties, autochthonous Vojvodian food
  • Return to the past – going through Pupin`s born house stage by stage, museum, church and the national home will lead you to some time in the past


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