Full-day or half-day excursion to Macva Region


Things to see?

  • Sremska Mitrovica– City on Sava R The ancient City of Sirmium was the capital of Roman empire in the time of the tetrarchy
  • Special nature reserve Zasavica– reserve is dominated by small river of Zasavica and nearby wetlands, meadows and forests. Its home for over 500 plant species, 20 species of fish, 15 rear insects, 120 bird species and around 30 different species of mammals
  • Bread museum – With help of the objects  you can see that museum tells you the story of how bread was made in Serbia in the old times, about its importance and meaning to people but also about people themselves,  their customs and way of life in the past


Things to do?

  • Visit Palatium ImperialeImperial Palace is placed in the old city of Sirmium and was discovered in Findings show us that the palace was used for accommodation of Roman emperors that have ruled here and that it was very modern for those times. It had underfloor heating and luxury interior decoration
  • Tasting mangulica stewmangulica, pigs without cholesterol, are bred in Zasavica and you have the opportunity to try their amazing stew
  • Boat ride– ride on the river Zasavica in the most beautiful part of the reserve


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