Full-day excursion to Royal Land


Things to see?

  • George Church – church is built in Serbian-Byzantine stile, imposing marble monument, indoor mosaics in 15000 color shades
  • King`s vineyards– vineyards of King Peter I, those wines were served at official visits of European rulers
  • Karadjordje City– restored residence of Karadjordje which have been preserved until nowadays and today it is a museum with tower, church and library
  • Place of First Serbian Uprising– memorial complex in Orasac


Things to do?

  • Visit Endowment of King Peter– visit includes St.George Church, king`s house-todays museum, Karadjordje residence and  king`s vinery
  • Stroll down the park– beautiful park is part of the complex which you pass through uphill to reach the church
  • Lunch– delicious specialties of Sumadija
  • Wine tasting– Trijumf wine, among others, which is considered to be one of the best Serbian wines


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