As trusted and valuable DMC, we prepared this extravagant team-building program for visiting Serbia. Real adventure for all team members – “fića“ ride, underground tour, city quest, wine tasting, cave exploration…

  • Arrival at Belgrade`s airport. Welcome by a local host and transfer to the hotel by unique FIĆA car. Along our way to hotel we will have one surprise stop for a fića race, photoshooting and welcome drinks.
  • Check-in and short refreshment.
  • Non-classic city tour – Underground secrets of Belgrade 🙂
  • Following city tour we will have welcome dinner in Belgrade`s bohemian quarter of Skadarlija – fresh meat, domestic rakia & wine, live tambourine music!
  • Overnight in Belgrade.

Zastava 750 was a supermini made by a Serbian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava in Kragujevac. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under license from 1965. It is widely known by its nickname “Fića“, which comes from the main character of a comic published in the newspaper Borba during the first year of the car`s production.

  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Today we are heading to the northern part of the country called Vojvodina province.  First stop is city of Novi Sad, second largest city in Serbia. After short information about the city and its landmarks, divided in groups participants have to find several city marks (for example: catedral, cultural building, popular caffee, souvenir shop, park etc.) and reach the final spot where we will wait for them. At that very final spot they have to answer the questions about city history and other things that they heard from our representatives and locals during the program. Team with the biggest number of answered questions is winner! Program is based on a “speak to the locals“ and orienteering base.

Stories of Serbia’s turbulent history cannot be presented by a few visible remains. We have selected underground paths from the Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period to present to you. Underground Belgrade contains tens of caves and caverns, which people carved in limestone rocks, hundreds of underground tunnels built up in last 300 years by the Austrians, Serbs and Germans, countless buried wells, walled rivers, but, above all, structures that are remains of peoples who settled Belgrade.

  • Transfer further to small baroque town of Sremski Karlovci. Short tour after which we will enter the oldest gymnasium in Serbia which is today a grammar school. If native group language is teached in a school, we can pay a visit to a class and shortly speak with students. Participants can also shortly present their country of origin.
  • Lunch in a restaurant.
  • After the lunch we are heading to Fruska Gora National Park – we can do jeep safaris tour or approximately 2 km hiking tour.On Fruska Gora fertile slopes grapes have been cultivated for more than 1700 years. Wines from this region were exported to Bohemia and Poland as early as 15th century. Bermet, the region`s authentic wine, is a dessert wine made of 20 different herbs and spices. It can be made of red or wite grapes, but the exact recipe is secret held by families in Sremski Karlovci who produces it.   According to some documents Bermet have been on the wine list of Titanik.
  • Day we are finishing at Kovacevic winery, one of the very best wineries in Serbia. Over there we will have dinner with wine tasting 🙂
  • Return to Belgrade.
  • Breakfast at hotel.

As Serbia is very rich in caves, around 200 caves are spread all over the country, this day pick is speleology tour. We will take a 2 hours road outside of Belgrade, in the vicinity of Valjevo city. Valjevo area is famous by numerous speleology objects different in shape, length and depth. Inside the cave we will see beautiful cave draperies, pillars, stalactites and stalagmites. We will pass through wide and narrow passages, passing by huge stone blocks, follow underground river…. Inside the cave and around it there is archaeological site, so if we are lucky maybe we can find a piece of some cup or some other ancient pottery. There is also a possibility, for those enthusiastic, to do rope 30 meters descending. Lunch boxes and drinks will be there for us 🙂

  • Return back to Belgrade and free time for relaxation.
  • Farewell dinner in restaurant and after it…PARTY in numerous Belgrade`s nightclubs.                   Petnica Cave n 1950. became recognized and protected as law natural rarity. It has 11 cave channels (passages) with total lengths of 600 meters, with large number of halls. The biggest hall, called Concert hall, has natural light from the hole at the ceiling. In this very cave and its surrounding, a lot of artefacts and figures from paleolith period ware found.
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Check-out and transfer to the airport.

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