Different way of visiting Serbia. Get ready for segway tour, rakija tasting, treasure hunt in extraordinary National Park…and something really Serbian – “Slava“.

  • Arrival at Belgrade`s airport. Welcome by a local host and transfer to the hotel. Check-in and short refreshment.
  • Segway Belgrade city tour. Segway tours will allow you to get to know Belgrade whose parks and quays seem made exactly for this type of smooth ride which will allow you to enjoy fresh air, won’t interfere with your conversation or distract you from the beautiful sights you will be enjoying.
  • Rakija tasting in one of Belgrade`s rakia bars. Serbian brandy (rakija) is strong alcoholic drink made of different kinds of fruit and herbs, although plum rakija still have a primacy. The force of rakija is determined by a vol percentage. But in Serbia the force of alcohol is still expressed, usually among ordinary people, in grades. So…You just convert: 1 grade = 2,45 vol%. Try 3 different kinds of rakija and be carefull listening barmen`s story and filling tastes….later on we will have blind tasting competition.
  • Following rakia tour we will have welcome dinner in Belgrade`s bohemian quarter of Skadarlija – fresh meat, domestic rakia & wine, live tambourine music!
  • Overnight in Belgrade.

  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Prepare yourself for pure nature experience at his majesty of Danube River!
  • Departure to the eastern part of coutry – National Park Djerdap. First part of the day is reserved for program “NP Djerdap treasure hunt“.

NP Djerdap Treasure Hunt

Participants are being divided in several groups. Each group is starting 10 minutes after another (no worries if you have to wait, booth with drinks will be there for time killingJ). Along the path (path length from 2km to 7km depending on clients wish) participants have to pass 4-5 control points. At each point there is a moderator with different assignment for a team: mini quiz about NP Djerdap, confidence exercises, selfie challenge, different team games, songs about Danube etc.    

  • After exciting hunt we are going to unique ethno village with great overview  to Danube River. Over there we will have open-air lunch “Serbian sofra“ – corn bread, domestic cheese, nettle pie, grilled chicken fillet, mushrooms and potatoes, baked lamb meat….

        Iron Gate is the name for about 100km long stream of Danube river through Carpathians which flows through one of the most spectacular landscapes. The river flows through two canyons and three gorges, in which the narrowest point is only 150m wide, with 200m to 500m high cliffs towering above the river`s surface.

  • Second part of a day is reserved for a real spectacle – crusing on Danube River, actually passing through the most amazing part of it – Iron Gate – the deepest river gorge in Europe! You will be able to see Tabula Triana, monument of Decibel, Mrakonja Monastery etc. Music and drinks on the boat!
  • Return to Belgrade. Short refreshment in hotel.
  • Late dinner in hotel and then we will flow into Belgrade`s bustling nightlife
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Today we are having very special day – do you know what is Saint Patron`s day? You probably don`t because this is only Serbian custom. We are taking you to the ethno village outside of Belgrade where we will all participate in performance, procedure and customs of preparing and celebrating Saint Patron`s day (SLAVA )!- Slava is special holiday which difference Serbian Orthodox Church from other Orthodox Churches. Slava is connected to the times of old Slavic religion, when a cult of ancestors was very strong. For Slavs, family and its legacy is one of the holiest things in life; and this custom is highly appreciated even today. In order to maintain this legacy and implement it into Christianity, Serbian archbishop St. Sava canonized this ceremony and formed a unique cultural heritage for Serbs. Unique experience and, after all, day full of new knowledge, great fun, tasty food and drinks and many, many more 🙂
  • After the program return to Belgrade.
  • Farewell dinner in restaurant.
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Check-out and transfer to the airport.

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