Full-day excursion to Banat Region in Vojvodina Province


Things to see?

  • Vrsac – beautiful town near the Vrsac Mountains from which beneficial air and the smell of the vineyard reaches the town
  • Bela Crkva Lakes – 4 lakes. The Main Lake, Vracevgajsko, Sljunkara and Saransko, created by excavating gravel
  • Monastery Mesic – now female monastery, built in the fourteenth century by followers of St. Cyril and Methodius


   Things to do?

  • Vrsac sightseeing – Cathedral of St. Gerhard (the largest Catholic church in Serbia), Bishop’s Palace, City Hall, the first Serbian ‚‚Pharmacy on the stairs‚‚
  • Picnic on the lake shore – sitting on blankets and enjoying food from the basket
  • Tasting wines – Vrsac vineyards are famous for its white wine varieties such as zupljanka, smederevka and kreaca


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