Full-day or half-day excursion to medieval capital of Serbia


Things to see?

  • Smederevo – city lying at the Danube, last Serbian medieval capital
  • Viminacium – archeological site, Roman city and legionary camp
  • Silver Lake– place for relaxing and recreation, especially fishing
  • Golubac Fortress – from which the highest tower Byzantine queen Jelena was feeding pigeons


Things to do?

  • Stroll down the Smederevo Fortress– one of the biggest lowland fortifications in Europe
  • Say hello to Vika – visit Mammoth Park and you`ll meet Vika, the most preserved mammoth skeleton that is old around million years
  • Roman lunch– we`ll try to present Roman variant of lunch which were eaten by Roman legions in Viminacium
  • Boat ride– easy ride and wind in the hair for relaxation of soul and body
  • Treasure hunt– on a funny way while strolling down the Golubac Fortress, try to find box with treasure

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