For those who want to go further in details by exploring Serbia, iSerbia offers plenty of tours which will satisfy the most choosy travelers. We`ll take you up and down, to the east and west through all the country. Different parts and areas of Serbia offer different way of living, different customs and different gastronomy, so we assure you you`ll enjoy every part of it.

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Serbia Route ``Replenish your energy``

This Serbia tour will definitely replenish your energy. While travelling from city of Novi Sad

Serbia Route ``Jump into the fairytale``

Starting from city of Subotica, visiting the town of the First Serbian uprising against the

Serbia Highlights

The best way to meet Serbian the most famous and impressive sights. Starting from north

Serbian Culture exploration west route

Exploring western Serbia You will have the chance to see  one of the most beautiful

Serbian Culture exploration east route

Get the chance to visit Slovakian village Kovacica -  center of naïve painting in Serbia

Rafting on Tara River

Rafting on Tara is a perfect activity for those who want to explore the largest

Rafting & Hiking Tara Canyon

The tour includes hiking in the prime forest, the only one in Europe, with magnificent

Monastery tour

Expolore the most beautiful Serbian monasteries. Ones of great importance for European and world medieval

Delicacy from Serbia – part 2 Wine&Gastronomy

If you ask a Serbs what is the best thing their country has to offer,

Delicacy from Serbia – part 1 Wine & Gastronomy

If you ask a Serbs what is the best thing their country has to offer,