Balkan Tours

Monastery tour Serbia and Montenegro 13 days

Serbs and Montenegrins are both Orthodox religion. There are a lot of Orthodox

Serbia & Bosnia & Croatia 8 days

Meet 3 most important and biggest countries of ex Yugoslavia, with three beautiful

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Belgrade

Both Bosnia and Serbia have always been places with bohemian soul. Together with

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Sarajevo

On this tour we will cross the border with Bosnia and be able

Serbia & Bulgaria 6 days

Spend six days getting to know Balkan spirit by exploring Serbia and Bulgaria.

Serbia & Bulgaria 8 days

Visit central and south Serbia before crossing into neighboring Bulgaria and discover the

Serbia & Croatia 8 days

Despite the history, Serbia and Croatia are still very much connected in many

Serbia & Hungary 8 days

Explore two countries that are so close to each other but so different

Serbia & Macedonia & Bulgaria 8 days

People love the chance to visit 3 different countries on one tour. Explore

Serbia & Macedonia 8 days

Until 1991, both countries were constituent republics within the Socialist Federal Republic of

Serbia & Montenegro 8 days

Serbia & Montenegro was a country created from the two remaining Federal republics