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However, unlike Sonic ’06 and Sonic Forces, Generations rings in the iconic hedgehog’s birthday with fireworks instead of sad trombones. Generations takes the greatest-hits approach, starting with Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone and working all the way through Sonic Unleashed and Colors to give players remakes of some of the most beloved zones in series history. As a fan of the 2D versions of Sonic, this was a whole new experience for me. The open-style world brought memories of other open-world style maps like ‘Legend of Zelda’; it was an odd experience at first. Sonics blue hair stood out from the island’s natural beauty; fortunately, the longer I played, the more the two worlds seemed perfect for each other. The game’s overall design is quite fun, and as Sonic is upgraded, the game’s pace ignites into some wildly fast scenarios.

His favorite game makers are Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Sega, Namco, and Taito. At the end of the same incident, Knuckles also begrudgingly admitted that Sonic was not “half-bad” after defeating the Time Eater, showcasing a reluctance to admit how well Sonic does. Despite it all though, the echidna and the hedgehog deeply acknowledge each other. In addition to Knuckles being a vital part of Sonic’s team, the two of them have been called “Fighting Buddies” in one occasion. Noticeably, when they do manage to work together, they form an unstoppable team. Additionally, the echidna is always happy to help out the hedgehog if it means scrambling Eggman’s plans for world domination.

Review: The History of Sonic The Hedgehog

For anyone who only wants to play another open-world game, Sonic Frontiers might have too many faults for them to let pass. However, Sonic fans will find a solid open-world game fully realized in Sonic Frontiers. Sonic Frontiers is exactly what a Sonic open-world game should be like. It lays the foundations for future open-world Sonic games, and fans should feel excited about the next title, as Sonic Frontiers actually has all of the ingredients that Sonic Team will need for future projects.

  • Among the three-man development team, only composer Chris Huelsbeck gets a real credit—and even then, his name is misspelled.
  • You can choose which games you like, and which ones you don´t.
  • Sonic Frontiers has proven to be quite the commercial success for SEGA, with the new direction taken by Sonic Team seemingly resonating with fans of the Blue Blur.

Not counting the Tiger because, well, its hardly a games console in reality is it? Of course, the reason Pocket Adventure its not on this list is because its never been available on a Nintendo platform. The people who are the most critical of the newer games seem to be older fans, like me, who remember when Sonic ruled the world and all the games were guaranteed classics. Things have felt like they were mostly in decline since then.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Idris Elba cast as Knuckles in the sequel set for 2022

Yeah, we all saw that scene from Sonic Adventure where Sonic started calling Dr. Robotnik “Eggman” to make fun of him. Robotnik’s name was Eggman in the Japanese version of the game, all the way back to Sonic 1. Speaking of Dark, Sonic CD’s original piracy check would bring unwitting pirates to a strange screen if it failed.

It was vastly different than its Genesis counterpart with gameplay similar to its 8-bit predecessor. There’s a hang gliding stage that pushes the handheld to its limits, while the game tried to ramp up the speed in several new stages. Aspect Co. released an original sequel, Sonic Chaos, for both Master System and Game Gear.

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