The vast majority of Serbia’s territory is dominated by mountains, from the Pannonian hills in the north all the way to the borders with Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia in the south.

Serbia’s mountains belong to the Rhodopes, Carpathian, Balkan and Dinaric mountain ranges. In order to preserve the priceless harmony between the plant and animal kingdoms, some mountains have been protected as one of five national parks or have been proclaimed nature parks or areas of exceptional importance. Brooks and fast-flowing streams crisscross the mountains, many of which also harbor crystal clear lakes. Some mountains have been designated “climatic spas” because of their exceptional climates.

Tourists can enjoy on Serbia’s mountains throughout the year, with plenty of activities for each age. From skiing and snowboarding at modern ski slopes and lifts in the winter, to hiking, rafting and paragliding in the summer. With numerous modern and comfort accommodation facilities, your stay will be complete. Hunting reserves in the thick forests are rich in small and large game, while the mountain rivers and lakes are ideal for a spot of fishing. It is also possible to enjoy birdwatching in Serbia’s many Important Bird Areas.

Covered with deciduous mainly beech, forests, clean air and a favorable climate, mountains in Serbia are suitable for summer and winter health programs in addition to educational and sports tourism.