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Most Popular Tours

King`s Mausoleum

Full-day excursion to Royal Land   Things to see? George

Joining Nature & Architecture

Full-day or half-day excursion to protected nature reserve   Things

Fruitfull Banat

Full-day excursion to Banat Region in Vojvodina Province   Things

Following the Danube Stream

Full-day or half-day excursion to medieval capital of Serbia  

Charm of Srem

Full-day excursion to Vojvodina Province.   Things to see? Fruska

Avala Tower

Half-day excursion to Belgrade`s most famous picnic area   Things

The Heart of Sumadija

Full-day excursion to Sumadija Region   Things to see? Pokajnica

Resava Valley

Full-day excursion to Resava Valley   Things to see? Monastery

Naive Art Capital

Half-day or full-day excursion to Kovacica Village   Things to

Mighty Danube

Full-day excursion to Djerdap Gorge   Things to see? Lepenski


Full-day or half-day excursion to Macva Region   Things to

At the far North

Full-day excursion to the northern city of Subotica   Things

Monastery tour Serbia and Montenegro 13 days

Serbs and Montenegrins are both Orthodox religion. There are a

Serbia & Montenegro 8 days

Serbia & Montenegro was a country created from the two

Serbia & Macedonia 8 days

Until 1991, both countries were constituent republics within the Socialist

Serbia & Macedonia & Bulgaria 8 days

People love the chance to visit 3 different countries on

Serbia & Hungary 8 days

Explore two countries that are so close to each other

Serbia & Croatia 8 days

Despite the history, Serbia and Croatia are still very much

Serbia & Bulgaria 8 days

Visit central and south Serbia before crossing into neighboring Bulgaria

Serbia & Bulgaria 6 days

Spend six days getting to know Balkan spirit by exploring

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Sarajevo

On this tour we will cross the border with Bosnia

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Belgrade

Both Bosnia and Serbia have always been places with bohemian

Serbia & Bosnia & Croatia 8 days

Meet 3 most important and biggest countries of ex Yugoslavia,

Incentive program proposal no 3

Not only that we are doing regular DMC work, but

Incentive program proposal no 2

Belgrade is Europe`s Capital of Cool, according to the prestigious

Incentive program proposal no 1

Segway tours will allow you to get to know Belgrade

Serbia Route ``Replenish your energy``

This Serbia tour will definitely replenish your energy. While travelling

Serbia Route ``Jump into the fairytale``

Starting from city of Subotica, visiting the town of the

Serbia Highlights

The best way to meet Serbian the most famous and

Serbian Culture exploration west route

Exploring western Serbia You will have the chance to see 

Serbian Culture exploration east route

Get the chance to visit Slovakian village Kovacica -  center

Rafting on Tara River

Rafting on Tara is a perfect activity for those who

Rafting & Hiking Tara Canyon

The tour includes hiking in the prime forest, the only

Monastery tour

Expolore the most beautiful Serbian monasteries. Ones of great importance

Delicacy from Serbia – part 2 Wine&Gastronomy

If you ask a Serbs what is the best thing

Delicacy from Serbia – part 1 Wine & Gastronomy

If you ask a Serbs what is the best thing

Subotica City & Palic Lake

Spend some great time relaxing at far north of Serbia,

Belgrade Break 2 nights

``White City`` is the capital and largest city of Serbia.

Niš – Southern Beauty

Nis is the 3rd largest city in Serbia, economic and

Belgrade Really Rocks!

Nightlife in Belgrade Really Rocks – you can hear that

Belgrade Break 3 nights

Visit Serbia and spend few days in beautiful city of
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