We know that the sense of fulfilling someone’s time spent in Serbia are excursions. Because of that, we have prepared large number of half-day and full-day excursions, by foot or by transportation, from ground, water or from the sky.

Experienced guides and representatives will provide you with all needed information, make you maybe sing or act where appropriate, all that with one reason: so You can get the feeling and knowledge of what You`re visiting.

iSerbia knows every corner of the country!

Check out our fresh Excursions

King`s Mausoleum

Full-day excursion to Royal Land   Things to see? George Church – church is built in Serbian-Byzantine stile, imposing marble

Joining Nature & Architecture

Full-day or half-day excursion to protected nature reserve   Things to see? Carska Bara - special nature reserve with rich

Fruitfull Banat

Full-day excursion to Banat Region in Vojvodina Province   Things to see? Vrsac - beautiful town near the Vrsac Mountains

Following the Danube Stream

Full-day or half-day excursion to medieval capital of Serbia   Things to see? Smederevo – city lying at the Danube,

Charm of Srem

Full-day excursion to Vojvodina Province.   Things to see? Fruska Gora – national park; homeland of 16 Orthodox monasteries; area

Avala Tower

Half-day excursion to Belgrade`s most famous picnic area   Things to see? Avala Tower– when it was first built the

The Heart of Sumadija

Full-day excursion to Sumadija Region   Things to see? Pokajnica Church– church was built by Vujica, ruler of Smederevo district

Resava Valley

Full-day excursion to Resava Valley   Things to see? Monastery Manasija– monastery from the beginning of  15th century, cultural monument

Naive Art Capital

Half-day or full-day excursion to Kovacica Village   Things to see? Kovacica – city which is capital of naïve art

Mighty Danube

Full-day excursion to Djerdap Gorge   Things to see? Lepenski Vir - Archaeological site Lepenski Vir is located in the


Full-day or half-day excursion to Macva Region   Things to see? Sremska Mitrovica– City on Sava R The ancient City

At the far North

Full-day excursion to the northern city of Subotica   Things to see? Subotica – city with large amount of interesting