First impression about the country starts with its metropolis and big cities. iSerbia offers vide range of city break tours.

A couple of days in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, or Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac or any other, will give you a hint about Serbian culture, history and most importantly about people and their life. Bustling life of the cities will make you no sleep, wanting to get more and more.

As you land at the international airport in Belgrade, our representatives will greet you and provide you with all necessary information at first place. The Airport is just 15 minutes drive away from the city center, so you`ll not be bored with long way distances. Choose your way of transport to the city: from the regular ones to the unique transportation like extravagant old-timer car or “fica“, Yugoslavian passenger car which last version was produced back in 1985.

Once you`re in the city, friendly and welcoming Serbs will surely help you path finding and probably offer you a cup of domestic rakija. Don`t forget to turn on your camera while we`re taking you to the city tours: from the ground, water or sky…You choose!

Rich nightlife of Serbian cities will make you dance till early morning, which is why we reserve comfort room in one of the hotels from our offer.

Explore Serbian cities with iSerbia Travel!

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