Round-trips are very common for those travelers who want to get more from the journey and who want to use the time given in complete. Together with our neighboring partners we make round-trips in Balkan region, connecting several countries in one. You can combine between Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro…

You`ll get the chance to compare the customs and tradition of several nations who are at one hand very similar coming from the same region, but at the other hand also very different, as each nation have individual approach to its origin.

Let`s go round and round!

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Monastery tour Serbia and Montenegro 13 days

Serbs and Montenegrins are both Orthodox religion. There are a lot of Orthodox medieval monasteries throughout those two countries, so

Serbia & Montenegro 8 days

Serbia & Montenegro was a country created from the two remaining Federal republics of Yugoslavia after its breakup in 1992.

Serbia & Macedonia 8 days

Until 1991, both countries were constituent republics within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Following the declarations of independence of

Serbia & Macedonia & Bulgaria 8 days

People love the chance to visit 3 different countries on one tour. Explore mixture of cultures and customs of Serbia,

Serbia & Hungary 8 days

Explore two countries that are so close to each other but so different at the same time. The north of

Serbia & Croatia 8 days

Despite the history, Serbia and Croatia are still very much connected in many ways. The customs and traditions are mixed.

Serbia & Bulgaria 8 days

Visit central and south Serbia before crossing into neighboring Bulgaria and discover the medieval UNESCO listed Boyana Church and the

Serbia & Bulgaria 6 days

Spend six days getting to know Balkan spirit by exploring Serbia and Bulgaria. From Serbia capital of Belgrade, trough Soko

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Sarajevo

On this tour we will cross the border with Bosnia and be able to see amazing landscapes of Drina Canyon.

Serbia & Bosnia, 8 days, departure from Belgrade

Both Bosnia and Serbia have always been places with bohemian soul. Together with visiting nicest places of those two countries,

Serbia & Bosnia & Croatia 8 days

Meet 3 most important and biggest countries of ex Yugoslavia, with three beautiful and completely different capitals: Belgrade, Zagreb and